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Ραχήλ Μακρή: «Ο Σαμαράς έχει υπογράψει για κατάσχεση 1ης κατοικίας» | 02.09.2013

Στην κατάσχεση της πρώτης κατοικίας ως μνημονιακή απαίτηση και την υπογραφή αποδοχής τους από τον κ. Σαμαρά στο αναθεωρημένο μνημόνιο αναφέρθηκε η Βουλευτής Ν. Κοζάνης κ. Ραχήλ Μακρή στο πάνελ της εκπομπής του κ. Παυλόπουλου στο EXTRA 3.

ΡΑΧΗΛ ΜΑΚΡΗ: Να πω καταρχήν για την άρση των πλειστηριασμών, ότι ξεχνούν κάτι βασικό ότι είναι μνημονιακή υποχρέωση. Υπάρχει δηλαδή στο αναθεωρημένο μνημόνιο που υπέγραψε ο κ. Σαμαράς τον Μάιο μάλλον του 2013.

Βέβαια, δεν το λέει ξεκάθαρα ως άρση των πλειστηριασμών, υπάρχει όμως έμμεσα με μεταβολή του νόμου Κατσέλη. Γιατί ο νόμος Κατσέλη, ξέρετε, κατά την πλειονότητα του αναφέρεται στην προστασία της πρώτης κατοικίας.

Παραθέτουμε τα έγγραφα του αναθεωρημένου μνημονίου που υπέγραψεο κ. Σαμαράς για τις κατασχέσεις πρώτης κατοικίας .

Σελίδα 47


102. Until June 2013, disbursements under the programme amounted to EUR 210.2 billion. This amount includes EUR 7.2 billion approved in January 2013 to cover bank recapitalisation and resolution costs which were effectively disbursed to Greece on 31 May 2013 (Table 7).

The second tranche of the third disbursement of EUR 3.3 billion was released to Greece following the implementation by the authorities of three milestones related to: (i) appointment of the national coordinator for anti-corruption, the coordination committee and its chairman, and the advisory committee, and second the eight staff provided by the law; (ii) facilitation of the resolution of unsustainable household debt, by passing legislation to introduce a new «Facilitation programme» and revising law 3869/2010 to address the implementation shortfalls identified during its first three years of enactment; and (iii) presentation to the EU Commission Services, for consultation, of a detailed action plan with identified time bound steps and a date for its substantial completion, for the transition of the electricity market to the EU target model.

The plan should establish competition, stimulate entry, reflect the reforms of PPC, and remove market distortions, while not entailing State Aid.

Πίνακας σελ.69 και 70 (δείτε τις φώτο)

MoU 3.7.1
MEFP (25)
The Government commits to enhance the legal regime for household insolvency to provide for more effective resolution of bad debts while protecting the payment culture and avoids unnecessary losses. Milestone June 2013 Bill, 4161 FEK 143/A/14 06 2013 Observed.

MoU 3.7.2
MEFP (25)
The Government commits to establish and in consultation with EC/ECB/IMF staff, a framework to assist distressed borrowers. Milestone June 2013 Bill, 4161 FEK 143/A/14 06 2013 Observed.

MEFP (25)
Pass legislation by end-June 2013 to introduce a new “Facilitation Program”. (MEFP: Key features of this new scheme will include: (i) eligibility criteria that take into account the debtor’s income and assets (supported by verification procedures); (ii) oversight of the facilitation program by the BoG; (iii) borrower repayment defined using criteria based on affordability; (iv) periodic review of the financial conditions of participating debtors to assess their continued eligibility and proper level of payments; (v) a clear timetable to close the window of the program). June 2013 Bill 4161 FEK 143/A/14 06 2013 Observed.

MEFP (25)
The Government will revise law 3869/2010, to address the implementation shortfalls identified during its first three years of enactment. (MEFP: In particular, we will introduce a definition of acceptable living expenses for use as guidance by the judiciary, mediators, and the banks and a standard definition of cooperating borrowers, which will be used to provide protection only to those borrowers who are fully cooperating in the resolution June 2013 Law 3869/2010 has been amended by l. 4161/2013 (FEK 143/A/14.6.2013). Definitions for terms such as «acceptable living expenses» and «cooperative borrowers» as guidance for the judiciary and banks by end September 2013 (new deadline)  September 2013 Observed.

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